Mimdalf's Battle Wand


Wand of Magic Missiles: The missiles wand discharges magic missiles
which are similar to those of the first level magic-user spell, magic missile.
The device fires o magic missile which causes 2-5 hit points of damage. It
operates as the spell of the same name, always hitting its target when
wielded by a magic-user, otherwise requiring a “to hit” die roll. Each
missile takes 3 segments to discharge, and costs 1 charge. A maximum of 2
may be expended in 1 round. The wand may be recharged. (DMG 1E)

Items such as wands or staves have charges that can be
replenished. For items that require spell replenishment, the item is assumed to
be able to absorb and store the spells. The caster must simply cast them into
it. However, these items can only absorb one spell per day. (CNC MT)

CT: 1
R: 150ft
D: n/a
SV None
SR Yes


This wand is of dark twisted wood. The wand was discovered by Mimdalf while searching the trapped, treasure chest of “Iron Tooth” the great goblin. The command word is “Zzott” and the wand has currently 21 charges.

Mimdalf's Battle Wand

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