Trapper Fishburne

5'2" Human Brown hair and blue eyes. His quick movements and darting eyes throw people off at first but his easy manner soon wins people over.


Inn Keeper of the Wispy Woman
2nd level human thief

STR- 15
INT- 14(p)
WIS- 13
DEX- 16(p)
CON- 15(p)
CHA- 13
BTH- +1

AC – 12 (14)
HP – 17

EXP- 3063
NXT- 6001

BACK ATTACK – Successful Hide or Sneak = +4 to hit and double damage
CANT – A street language understood only by other rogues
CLIMB – (dex) climbs at 1/2 speed miss by 5 or more and fall
DECIPHER SCRIPT- (int) 2d8 turns per page -10 check for arcane script
HIDE – (dex) can move at 1/2 speed and stay hidden
LISTEN – (wis) up to 30 feet
MOVE SILENTLY – (dex) can move 1/2 speed without penalty
OPEN LOCK – (dex)
PICK POCKET – (dex) level of the target is the penalty
TRAPS – (int) 1 turn 10×10 area 1d4 rounds disarm +5 to set or reset a trap

- (2)daggers on person
- +1 short sword behind bar on wall
- composite longbow (20) arrows in room
- leather armor in his room
MONIES (in box under his bed)
3000gp gem
70gp scrap silver


Trapper Fishburne

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