Mimdalf is an Elf Wizard of the Winter Court, the second son of a landless noble in the Elven Court.



Chaotic Neutral
Elf Wizard
5th level
Str:12 Int:18(P) Wis:13 Dex:16(P) Con:15 Cha:14
Armor Class: 18
Hit Points: 25(29)
Age: 246
Secondary Skill: Soldier(Con)
Deity: Erevan Ilesere

Spells in Traveling Spell Book: 0LvL = Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Mending, Endure Elements, Mage Hand, Light, Message, Arcane Mark, Open/Close.

1st LvL= Sleep, Read Magic, Summon Familiar, Identify, Magic Missile, Spider Climb,Floating Disc, Shield, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Protection, Shocking Grasp, Feather Fall, Unseen Servant, Change Self.

2nd LvL= Web, Detect Thoughts, Knock/Wizard Lock, Deep Pockets, Mirror Image, Enhance Attribute, Fog Cloud, Invisibility.

3rd LvL= Item, Haste, Summon Lesser Monster, Fireball, Fly.

Unusual Items:
Magic Masterwork (1000gp) Eel-Skin Jerkin it has numerous hidden pockets, hooded, and covers the back of his hands, leaving them open for spell casting. +4 to AC very sleek

Masterwork (100gp) Staff, Carved Ironwood Staff adds one to attack and damage.
Masterwork Throwing Daggers (6)

Magic Items:

Scroll of Mending
Magical Glass Dirk plus 1, plus 2 vs magic using creatures
Magical Ring of Protection plus 2
Magical Ring of Shooting Stars
Field Pavilion
Boots of Elvenkind
Potion of Healing blue/fizzy/raspberry
Wand of Magic Missiles “Zzot” 0chr.
Wand of Paralyzation “Stasis” 0chr.
Unknown Cloak
Unknown Wand

Soot (Fiendish Cat)
HD: 2d2 HP: 4(27) MV: 30 Night Vision, Superior Hearing, Move Silently, Hide. Int: 14 SR: 2 (150’) Has a slight smell of brimstone, and glowing eyes.


Mimdalf is an Elf of 5’5 height and about 100 lbs, very pale. He has long dark brown hair, silver-blue at the ends and braided with many rings, pointed ears, dark brown eyes, slight scar on left cheek he received in a battle with a carnivorous ape. He strongly dislikes the touch of cold iron. He has a large black cat named “Soot” he is never seen without.


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