Kettle Swordsmith

Kettle is an extraordinary armorer and weaponsmith. He lives in the Bazar along the canals in Candlewicke.


Kettle Swordsmith is an extraordinary weapon smith and armorer capable of crafting expert/masterwork weapons and armor. His secret is that he has befriended an a small elemental from the plane of fire who lives in his forge. The “fire snake” is slightly intelligent and loves working for the dwarf and all the interesting tastes that he has been given. Lately the snake has been feeling ill. Kettle has been stoking the forge with regular coal and this is causing the snake to become sick, he needs a good dose of rare wood. Any druid in the party will be able to determine that the elemental can be cured in this way, and will have the undying gratitude of Kettle as well as forming a contact with the elemental plane of Fire.


Kettle came from the Dwarven Town Underhollow. During his many adventures he happened upon a worn brass metal flask. Kettle was very surprised to find it inhabited by a Efreeti noble and after some negotiations he was invited to the City of Brass to study fire.

Kettle Swordsmith

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