Kael Krushbone

Height 6'7" Weight 307 lbs. wears a great helm, polish hussar armor and a two-handed sword.


6th Level Lawful Neutral Half-Orc Cleric
Patron Deity – Nehwon Mythos – DEATH
AC – 22 / 19
HP – ?
Strength – 16 Prime
Intelligence – 10
Wisdom – 14
Dexterity – 16
Constitution – 16 Prime
Charisma – 5

BTH +3
Attacks 1/1 +8 to hit +4 to damage
Main Weapon – 2 Handed Sword 2d6 damage

Spells – 5 – 0 lvl, 4 – 1st lvl, 3 – 2nd lvl, 2 – 3rd lvl,
Enhanced Smell, Darkvision, +1 to unarmored AC, +2 vs. disease, Invisibility 1/day, Weapon Mastery +1
Languages – Common, Orc,

Magic Item – +2 Two Handed Sword


Kael comes from a broken home. Hey, but it is hard to imagine any home with an orc & a human as the loving parents. His mother Elizabetta, (deceased) lived with her new husband Durin on the frontier until Durin was killed. Elizabetta remained in their rustic cabin because she had no where else to go. Periodically, an orc war band would come by for tea and cookies. Yeah right, they came by to rape and pillage. These are orcs not halflings. Hence this is where Kael came into the picture. He lived with his mother until he was old enough to be trained to fight then his father Guillo Krushbone came by to claim the already quite large lad. His mother refused to allow the boy to be taken and paid for it with her life. It was then the life of an orc, brutal bashing, cruel killing and all around not very nice things. Here is where he learned to fight, and fight well he did. So well, his father in fear for his own life, had him beaten to death, or so he thought. Well after the untimely death of his father Guillo, poor Kael has been left alone in this cruel uncaring world. When he found St. Cuthbert it was a relationship of conveinence. Not really fitting in or getting along with Ethan Brume, Kael decided upon a new direction. To find a deity that more suited his mentality. DEATH. With the help for a wish spell stored in a ring Kael was magically transformed. He feels he has finally come home.

Kael Krushbone

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