Gunding Wyrmbreaker

4'6", 160 lbs, red hair and beard with streaks of blonde and white


Gunding Wyrmbreaker
Dwarven Knight 6th level

AC – 19 (21 w/shield)
Polish Hussar
HP – 62 (68)
STR – 17 (p)
DEX – 13
CON – 16 (18)
INT – 13
WIS – 13
CHA – 18 (p)
MVM – 20

Gunding was home in Farfeneugan when word of his cousin Thorum’s death arrived. Since he had recently left a failed adventuring party he decided to investigate this death and punish the guilty parties. Being a seasoned adventurer as well as wielding his magical shield emblazoned with the crossed axes blessed by Clangadin himself he was sure this was to be done and over with quickly. Little did he know what the fates were to set before him.

AC – 16
HP – 13
ATT – 1
DMG – 1d4+1
SPCL – Acid sting +3 to hit
DMG – 1d2 + 1d4 acid save halves

Magic Items
+1 med steel shield blessed by Clangadin so any damage taken is automatically and magically bandaged.
Locket which adds +2 to constitution also absorbs the first 10 points of electric damage taken
Scabard of Sharpness once per day acts as a Featheredged sword on a roll of a natural 20
+2 Medium Warhammer
+1 Coin of Luck
+1 Medium Lance
Ring of Exceptional Mind Shielding
Black Raven Feather Shirt of AC +4
Scroll with Steal Enchantment
Potion of Haste
Potion of Invisibility


Gunding Wyrmbreaker was raised in the small town of Farfeneugan. Farfeneugan is a predominately dwarven city with various other races mixed in. The town sits half in and half out of a large cave. Farfeneugan is known for selling exotic mounts. Work riding and war any mount can be found here and if not then for a nominal price one can be found. Gunding started his career as an adventurer by becoming a front line fighter along with a half-orc fighter. Also in the party was a human druid/wizard with a large yellow streak, an elf bowman who caused as much damage as he dealt a human then black elf cleric who cared more for entropy than the group she traveled with and various other tag alongs who weren’t smart enough to live or were smart enough to leave. Gunding finally became the later of the two and headed home only to find his favorite cousin and training partner had died. Someone is gonna pay.

Gunding Wyrmbreaker

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