• Arramis Quay

    Arramis Quay

    Cloak & Dagger, Sword & Leather, Drunk & Down on his Luck.
  • Gunding Wyrmbreaker

    Gunding Wyrmbreaker

    4'6", 160 lbs, red hair and beard with streaks of blonde and white
  • Kael Krushbone

    Kael Krushbone

    Height 6'7" Weight 307 lbs. wears a great helm, polish hussar armor and a two-handed sword.
  • Mimdalf


    Mimdalf is an Elf Wizard of the Winter Court, the second son of a landless noble in the Elven Court.
  • Kettle Swordsmith

    Kettle Swordsmith

    Kettle is an extraordinary armorer and weaponsmith. He lives in the Bazar along the canals in Candlewicke.
  • Omber Mistlefitz

    Omber Mistlefitz

    A white haired gnome of unknown years, Omber is an interesting character. He is said to dabble in the purchase and selling of strange and sometimes arcane items. He is never without his ornately carved pipe.
  • Trapper Fishburne

    Trapper Fishburne

    5'2" Human Brown hair and blue eyes. His quick movements and darting eyes throw people off at first but his easy manner soon wins people over.