Thorum's Fall

The story thus far...

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June 4, 1901

The party arrives at a boarded up Inn, The Wispy Woman. The Inn seems to have been secured by someone inside. The the out buildings and the Inn were still in decent repair so the Inn must have just come under some form of dire attack. No damage could be seen to the outside of the Inn which was very strange. Mimdalf an elf from the distant north had arrived at the inn on his way to obtaining an inheritance, he had come from the Winter Court of the Elves. A large half-orc warrior from locations unknown, a forest priest who sensed that something was wrong at this inn, and finally Thorum a dwarven knight. Kael the half-orc and Mimdalf were the first to enter, they found the Inn’s common room filled with carved holy symbols and garlic. They must have been battling an entity which they could not understand how it was killing them. The forest-priest or druid found the only body in the inn, a young man, who seemed drained of all blood. This seemed impossible as there were no marks on the body. After some searching and raiding of the pantry Thorum discovers that a clear amorphous creature had taken the inn as its layer. Once found this creature was quickly destroyed by Kael in one swift, powerful blow. The next morning Mimdalf offers the group an equal share in all treasure, if they join together and clear his uncles keep. Mimdalf had been offered the keep, the land and his uncles hidden treasure if he were able to clear out the invading hobgoblins. A tribe of Hobgoblins had invaded and taken the keep from his uncle. The uncle wish revenge on these hobgoblins. The group reach the keep without event. The drawbridge was up and the portcullis was engaged, they could also see what looked like hobgoblin archers patrolling the walls. They quickly performed a reconnaissance of the area and deep in the wood-line they found an old crypt next to a shrine to the goddess of magic, “Mystra”. The crypt was sealed with a new iron lock, but had silver hinged and bands. Kael simply twisted the lock off the doors. Inside the crypt they discovered an aged Ghoul, which they destroyed quickly. The shrine of Mystra turned out to be an escape hatch leading to a long tunnel that eventually reaches the Keep.


Mimdalf Mimdalf

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