Thorum's Fall

Story Outline


Adventurers of Thorum’s Fall

Inn of the Wispy Woman
• Boarded up Inn/Trading post
• Mim, Kael, and Thorum’s first meeting
• The Inn was set by some cross roads leading to the Lonely Keep
• The Inn looked like someone was trying to protect themselves from vampires
• They found a blood drained body and soon discovered a Slithering Tracker was the cause.
• Kael killed the creature with one mighty blow
• The party elects to stay there for a while and use it as a temporary base.

The Lonely Keep
• Mimdalf receives a will from a distant uncle granting him the keep if he can avenge him
• The party is enlisted to help rid the keep of the Lostafinga Tribe of Hobgoblins
• There is a secret door /tunnel under a statue near the family crypts
• Mimdalf is severally injured by a carnivorous ape and bears a scar on his left cheek
• Thorum is thrown into a deep pit and perishes
• The party suffers many misfortunes and Mim is forces to save them from capture by burning thru several precious scroll spells.
• The Keep is liberated and Thorum is temporarily laid to rest in the crypt

Keep on the Shadowfell
• The party travels to Winterhaven to seek help with restoring Thorum to Life, he is temporarily secured in a barrel of fine brandy.
• The party is offered the chance to raise their friend if they perform a quest to find the dragon’s graveyard and stop the kobolds that have been raiding the town.
• Gunding, Thorum’s cousin joins the party on the quest, he has a very unusual mount, a giant ant
• The party finds a secret kobold lair ruled by a giant goblin named “Iron Tooth” they destroy the clan and their leader.
• The party discovers the Dragons Graveyard and rescue an elderly treasure hunter from some bandits/archaeologists and drakes.
• The Druid leaves the party, Thorum travels home, Gunding stays with the party.

Horror’s Harvest
• The party receives a request for a sage to locate and deliver a fallen star that has landed near Durmunster, a small sleepy village.
• The party discovers that the town has been inflicted with an unknown sickness and also discover the local Barron has become unhinged.
• Kael is killed by the wickedly sick Barron, twisted too, and then is raised by the priest of St. Cuthbert “Ethan” who then joins the party to defeat the Barron.
• Kael somehow is ensorcelled by a plant creature along with many of the towns citizens. “Pod People”
• The cursed Kael and his minions are defeated and the Horrible creature is destroyed…twice.
• The town is rescued from the power of the plant monster but at a terrible cost to the citizens, they seem to hold the party responsible for their loss.
• The party successfully retrieves the meteor and takes it to the sage.


The adventurers find themselves in the cliff side town of Sobanwych. The town is rather large and rather lawful and is situated within the Gnarly Forrest. The adventurers meet several NPCs in the town to include:
• Omber Mistlfitz a gnome chemist
• Kettle Swordsmith a weaponsmith
• Lord Bedawyr warden of Sobanwych
• Christomillo the High Wizard of Sabonwych
• Atikus Druid of Tombwood
• Lord Battleforger and his acolyte Wode High priest of Dumathoin
The party is asked to find the high priest of Dumathoins daughter the dwarf princess Elwitta, who left to destroy a network of slavers that have been raiding the coast. They agree and are told to meet with Dunaginn, captain of the Sea Witch in Safeton. They meet with and travel south with Dunaginn and his first mate Mox. During the travel south they see the great and powerful dragon “WhiteFire” as he flies around the Highport Harbor.
The party gains entry into the dilapidated temple of St. Cuthbert of the cudgel, through a series of secret doors. However while infiltrating the temple they are set upon by a horde of undead. They soon find themselves paralyzed and betrayed. Captain Dunaginn is actually the slavelord commanding this temple. They become captive and are handed over to Dupree the gnomish vivisectionist to be questioned and dissected. Poor little Dupree is quickly “murdered” by the dark half-orc Kael. The party escapes recovering their gear and set about to find Elwitta and destroy the traitor Dunaginn.
Through subterfuge and powerful magics they slay many orcs and half orc henchmen of the slavers. The encounter the Harpies in the garden with their charmed elf Kayen Telva. These are soon destroyed. In the main courtyard they discover the half-orc’s cannon and just how dangerous gun powder can be. They blow up several enemy and Kael slays the Dragon’s shaman/familiar “Voice”. The dragon “WhiteFire” in a fit of rage attacks the party. The battle is long and well fought, WhiteFire soon finds himself with no way to escape, Mimdalf having damaged his wings and in desperation fights to the death, the killing blow coming from the dwarf knight Gunding.
The dragon slain the party soon discovers the hidden layer of Vex priestess of Lolth and

- The party agrees to once again face the slavers.
- Thru stealth and a bit of luck the party manages to gain entrance to the keep with only one minor encounter against a stuffed bear on a ramp and a pit.
- Mimdalf charms the squad leader of a group of guards. Soon after he sleeps the guards and a minor melee begins which is easily won.
- The guardroom looks like a good place to rest. However, unbeknownst to the party one guard has escaped and warns his superiors.
- The guards counter attack and the party faces 20 Hobgoblins 2 hobgoblin captains 4 orcs 2 half-orc lieutenants and the second in command for the upper level “The Executioner” 1/2 ogre fighter.
- Mimdalf webs a corridor slowing down their advance there while Gunding and Kael along with his new found spells hold off the guards on 2 separate fronts.
- The Executioner along with several orcs get thru the webs and face Mimdalf along with his summoned bear. They quickly burn thru Mimdalf’s mirror images giving Mimdalf time to whittle down the half-ogre. Kael and Gunding hold the line and beat back the guards.
- Mimdalf uses his oil of slipperiness after taking massive damage from The Executioner. Bad luck or bad aim the flask breaks near the party Mimdalf, Gunding, a hobgoblin and The Executioner are all caught in its effect and fall to the floor. Kael heroicaly turns his back to the assault to heal Mimdalf.
- In a final act of desperation Mimdalf casts fireball. Misjudging the terrifying effect of the spell the guards as well as the party are engulfed in flames as fire fills the guardroom and races down the the exits.
- The fire dissapates, the room slowly fills with smoke, amongst the burning bodies and debris three shapes arise. The party has emerged victorious minus a few minor items of Kaels that were unable to withstand the fury of the fireball.
- The party retreats to rest and heal. It wasn’t a complete victory as they are badly wounded and all spells have been cast.


Mimdalf TodDavis

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